Some YouTube Videos On DIY Headbands & Bonnets :)


I am motivated to make my own when I see tutorials like these 😀 😀


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Building Support With Other Photographers & Starting A Photoshop Course


I’ve been pretty busy with my little studio and my new Facebook page 🙂

I’ve connected with other photographers of all different skill levels, which is great! Looking to build up connections where we all provide genuine support for each other – which builds our confidence and skills 🙂

I’ve also signed up for a beginners Photoshop course – a I am struggling to work it out myself. I’m finding Lightroom great and still learning that…. but Photoshop overwhelms me. So the best way to combat that – is start a course, where they provide interaction and feedback 🙂

I’ve also ordered a professional logo – which I’m hoping will be ready soon.

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Happy with my progress at studio shots :)

I’ve been watching many YouTube videos on continuous lighting, because I don’t want to use a flash.

I think for little kids and babies in the future – it’s better to not use a flash.

Moved my lights around and changed my camera settings, and now I am getting more consistently sharp enough shots.

These are some I did of my husband and son, for Father’s Day.



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