Building Support With Other Photographers & Starting A Photoshop Course


I’ve been pretty busy with my little studio and my new Facebook page 🙂

I’ve connected with other photographers of all different skill levels, which is great! Looking to build up connections where we all provide genuine support for each other – which builds our confidence and skills 🙂

I’ve also signed up for a beginners Photoshop course – a I am struggling to work it out myself. I’m finding Lightroom great and still learning that…. but Photoshop overwhelms me. So the best way to combat that – is start a course, where they provide interaction and feedback 🙂

I’ve also ordered a professional logo – which I’m hoping will be ready soon.

Here’s some shots of me, practising lighting and editing 🙂 Continue reading “Building Support With Other Photographers & Starting A Photoshop Course”


Kind Hearted People – Choose To Help Others

we rise by lifting others

I had a chat with one of my favourite professional photographers yesterday. She is so lovely and so helpful. She offered such amazing advice and I am so thankful. I learned a lot, which is awesome.

After having my first experience with another photographer – being negative and her making it very clear she would not be helpful – once I stated my intentions of becoming a photographer – I felt very confused and concerned.

But, since then I’ve had such lovely photographers offer support and advice, so I am feeling very positive and excited to continue learning all I can. Continue reading “Kind Hearted People – Choose To Help Others”

Had the pleasure of meeting a very talented photographer – Jason of Jalyn Photographics

I follow some amazing photographers, and one is Jason – Jalyn Photographics. I was so excited to have a Mothers Day shoot with him and the shots are really lovely!

Jason was so friendly and offered me advice about photography. I want to do some photography classes with him.

This is one of the photos of me 🙂

These are some more of the shots


Photography buddies :)

I am so thankful for the encouraging photographers. I now have two friends who are really into photography, which is so great! One let me know about online groups that are really good. One does weekly photo challenges and my friend added me to the group. She has been using a DSLR camera now for a year, and is further along in her skills – which is great because I can learn from her. She has already won a photography competition, in a local show and suggested I enter next year too.

Today, I chatted again with another woman who works with my husband, who is a professional photographer. She asked me if I wanted to meet up and I jumped at the chance of watching her in action. I am so grateful for her kindness!

So, hopefully I will be tagging along on a professional shoot and Continue reading “Photography buddies :)”