So good being part of some great photography groups :)

I’ve joined many photography groups via Facebook, some are better than others. Some are really well run and have great admins. Others don’t. The ones that are well run have appropriate and helpful posts and people. The ‘not so well run’ ones have a mixture of decent people and not decent people – as is to be expected. There’s always the block button and I find that useful.

The well run ones are particularly helpful with a range of skill level – and many of the very experienced photogs (as I now know they call themselves ūüėČ ) are so helpful to the newbies. Lots of great advice and appropriately worded critique that is valuable.

I’m plodding on learning as I go.

After this school holidays, I plan to get my camera serviced, cleaned and the lenses. Then take some one-on-one tuition with a great photographer I know who has very low rates for tuition. I have an umbrella coming for my flash light.

And then I will be all set to start taking photos of children of friends – who have kindly said I can practise on their kids ūüôā

In the meantime, I have a zillion Continue reading “So good being part of some great photography groups :)”


Starting Painting My Studio This Week & Planning My Portfolio :)

My husband is painting out my studio this week, it will all be completely white, to make the natural light I have, reflected and keep the studio as bright and fresh, as is possible.

I’m going to order my studio lights, backdrop stand and drops this week too. I’m so excited!!!¬† I can’t wait to start practising in my studio, ready for when I do a model call, for shots to build up my Website portfolio. I have my plan in place, to gain some great portfolio shots.

Have lots of ideas for posing people, some great ideas for props¬†– many of which my husband is making me, so they will be unique. ¬†And I will be so happy to share them with other photographers too. Continue reading “Starting Painting My Studio This Week & Planning My Portfolio :)”

Kind Hearted People – Choose To Help Others

we rise by lifting others

I had a chat with one of my favourite professional photographers yesterday. She is so lovely and so helpful. She offered such amazing advice and I am so thankful. I learned a lot, which is awesome.

After having my first experience with another photographer – being negative and her¬†making it very clear she would not be helpful – once I stated my intentions of becoming a photographer –¬†I felt very confused and concerned.

But, since then I’ve had such lovely photographers offer support and advice, so I am feeling very positive and excited to continue learning all I can. Continue reading “Kind Hearted People – Choose To Help Others”

This week, I am going to learn Photoshop :)

So far, my editing has been solely with Lightroom. I am still learning all the many ways to edit in Lightroom, but now want to expand to Photoshop editing.

I have no idea how you create layers, and all the vast ways of editing in Photoshop, and I intend watching many YouTube video tutorials.


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