Panic Attack – As I Accidently Deleted 5000+ Photos From Lightroom!

It’s all good, because now I know all photos are backed up – thank God. Yay to LR for creating a back up system for newbies like me – who don’t know what we are doing!

I decided to organise my pictures folders. I thought I did good – by creating new folders and organising all into folders I would be able to locate them better than by date. But, I moved folders, not knowing this would cause LR to no longer be able to locate them. So I did the ‘find missing photos’ function and could see them in missing folders. I then (stupidly) took some advice in a LR help group to ‘synchronize’ them – which led to them all being deleted!

All my work in 2017 was gone! 5000+ photos. I nearly cried. I nearly had an anxiety attack! :O :O :O

But, I figured it out and LR have very shrewdly created a back up system…….. and there they all were – on my hard drive under LR back up folder! Continue reading “Panic Attack – As I Accidently Deleted 5000+ Photos From Lightroom!”


Building Support With Other Photographers & Starting A Photoshop Course


I’ve been pretty busy with my little studio and my new Facebook page 🙂

I’ve connected with other photographers of all different skill levels, which is great! Looking to build up connections where we all provide genuine support for each other – which builds our confidence and skills 🙂

I’ve also signed up for a beginners Photoshop course – a I am struggling to work it out myself. I’m finding Lightroom great and still learning that…. but Photoshop overwhelms me. So the best way to combat that – is start a course, where they provide interaction and feedback 🙂

I’ve also ordered a professional logo – which I’m hoping will be ready soon.

Here’s some shots of me, practising lighting and editing 🙂 Continue reading “Building Support With Other Photographers & Starting A Photoshop Course”