Starting Painting My Studio This Week & Planning My Portfolio :)

My husband is painting out my studio this week, it will all be completely white, to make the natural light I have, reflected and keep the studio as bright and fresh, as is possible.

I’m going to order my studio lights, backdrop stand and drops this week too. I’m so excited!!!  I can’t wait to start practising in my studio, ready for when I do a model call, for shots to build up my Website portfolio. I have my plan in place, to gain some great portfolio shots.

Have lots of ideas for posing people, some great ideas for props – many of which my husband is making me, so they will be unique.  And I will be so happy to share them with other photographers too.

I have a garden and decked area available for outside shots when I’m ready for that. And a park at the bottom of my road – which is perfect for natural light shots too. Once proficient, I will also practise beach and golden hour shots, as I love them!

Once I have enough portfolio shots, my Website and accompanying social media sites, will be ready to go too.

I intend putting all profits I make in the first year, back into buying props, attending newborn classes, attending classes with great photographers, and building up my skills, knowledge and proficiency as a photographer.

Whoo hoo!!

😀 😀 😀


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