Can’t Wait To Set Up My Home Studio :)

I have plans to create a little photography studio, in my home. I have a room that was previously used for craft, I will convert. It has good natural light coming in, which I will utilise and I will purchase studio lighting too.

Having a studio, will be great for newborn and baby photography. It will be good for cake smashes – which I personally would prefer done indoors. It will be good for portraiture, engagements, maternity and couples/families.

I will also have a lounge area, toilet, all downstairs where my studio will be, that won’t interfere with my upstairs living accommodation.

I’m looking forward to converting it. I have plans for how it will look and the types of storage I will need. Plus, the different flooring options I can create.

It’s exciting and something I am determined to create in the future. It gives me an incentive to keep learning about photography and keep practising.

I’m keeping my eye out for potential props, and was thankful to have found this rocking chair in an op shop, that will be great! I just need to decide whether to strip it and stain it, or paint it?

rocking horse




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