Shooting In RAW Is Scary!

So far, I have been shooting in JPEG, and still able to edit in Lightroom.

I keep reading professional photographers shoot in RAW, and this enables far better processing in Lightroom and PS.

Shooting in RAW – clearly shows how much more I need to learn and practise! And that’s okay. No-one starts off great.

The quality of my RAW shots, is not good. My RAW shots are dull, lifeless, the clarity is poor and there is a lot of ‘noise’. The difference between a JPEG and RAW shots – is considerable.

I am going to start shooting in ‘RAW & JEPG Fine’ – and study the differences between them. And save the shots to my external hard drive, so they don’t take up too much space on my memory cards, as I know RAW takes up a lot more space, than JPEG.

I’m also going to try to shoot more in manual, as opposed to shutter speed and aperture modes.

This is a shot from yesterday of my son’s Birthday. We were inside, at the table with low levels of natural and artificial light, so used the flash. The result was – the noise was considerable on this RAW shot. And I am not happy with the result. Even after Lightroom editing.

But, this is all part of the process of learning photography 🙂



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