Bubbles fun Boxing Day :)



I love the grungy black and white style photography


6 thoughts on “Bubbles fun Boxing Day :)

  1. Great stuff! If I may venture an opinion.. be gentle with vignetting in post unless it’s the first thing you want to see in a photograph. If you can see it straight off, it’s too much. Key is really to apply just enough to draw a viewer’s eye inwards without being obvious that you’re doing it 😉😇

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    1. Thank you, I do really appreciate your feedback and I agree – the vignetting is very heavy in these photos, and I think they would be better if it were less heavy. I’m aware that over-processing can be something I do as well, and I am trying to keep that in mind, so the photos don’t look unnatural.
      Thank you again, and feel free to give me CC on any of my photos.

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      1. Hi Shelley. It’s a too often overused tool mimicking light fall off from older lenses. Modern lenses have some fall-off depending on characteristics but too much in post can look very unnatural. It depends on the frame of course, and is totally subjective. Some people like it and it shows. I believe subtlety works more wonders 😉 I shall be checking out more of your work but from what I see, you’re doing great. Your eye us very good! I’m no authority on much but will help you if I can. Plug away!! 😂

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      2. Looks like you’re doing just fine Shelley. Evolve your style and shoot your way – worry less about processing and more about your camera craft.. the more you get right at the shutter, the less work needed afterwards. I think you have a good head for this kind of caper.

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