Ikea – a fab place to buy photo props :)

A new Ikea has opened near us and today I braved the crowds and decided to have a wander around.

I think I mentally spent over $1000 – on potential photo props. The throws, materials, kids chairs, the wooden toys, blankets, plush toys etc – were all excellent for photo props.

I’m looking forward to building up my stash of photo props. I’m a creative person who can visualise props and how they can be used. Like setting up a little children’s table and chairs, and having a cute tea set and a little girl playing with it. With maybe a teddy or favourite doll on the other chair. Or a little boy playing with a wooden train. And then catching moments of them playing, where their expressions are natural. As opposed to very posed photos.


I’m definitely buying the little rocker chair, as it just so cute and can make a great prop for either a child, or a teddy/dolly etc to sit in.

I already have an idea of the type of photography I would like to offer as styles I provide – raw/organic/natural…. clean/fresh/modern (which is where Ikea comes in handy) and black and white photography – which never ages or goes out of style.

I want to offer something a little different to the styles that are popular – and will have these styles as ‘collections’ on my Website, when I set it up.



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