So good being part of some great photography groups :)

I’ve joined many photography groups via Facebook, some are better than others. Some are really well run and have great admins. Others don’t. The ones that are well run have appropriate and helpful posts and people. The ‘not so well run’ ones have a mixture of decent people and not decent people – as is to be expected. There’s always the block button and I find that useful.

The well run ones are particularly helpful with a range of skill level – and many of the very experienced photogs (as I now know they call themselves 😉 ) are so helpful to the newbies. Lots of great advice and appropriately worded critique that is valuable.

I’m plodding on learning as I go.

After this school holidays, I plan to get my camera serviced, cleaned and the lenses. Then take some one-on-one tuition with a great photographer I know who has very low rates for tuition. I have an umbrella coming for my flash light.

And then I will be all set to start taking photos of children of friends – who have kindly said I can practise on their kids 🙂

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Panic Attack – As I Accidently Deleted 5000+ Photos From Lightroom!

It’s all good, because now I know all photos are backed up – thank God. Yay to LR for creating a back up system for newbies like me – who don’t know what we are doing!

I decided to organise my pictures folders. I thought I did good – by creating new folders and organising all into folders I would be able to locate them better than by date. But, I moved folders, not knowing this would cause LR to no longer be able to locate them. So I did the ‘find missing photos’ function and could see them in missing folders. I then (stupidly) took some advice in a LR help group to ‘synchronize’ them – which led to them all being deleted!

All my work in 2017 was gone! 5000+ photos. I nearly cried. I nearly had an anxiety attack! :O :O :O

But, I figured it out and LR have very shrewdly created a back up system…….. and there they all were – on my hard drive under LR back up folder! Continue reading “Panic Attack – As I Accidently Deleted 5000+ Photos From Lightroom!”

Building Support With Other Photographers & Starting A Photoshop Course


I’ve been pretty busy with my little studio and my new Facebook page 🙂

I’ve connected with other photographers of all different skill levels, which is great! Looking to build up connections where we all provide genuine support for each other – which builds our confidence and skills 🙂

I’ve also signed up for a beginners Photoshop course – a I am struggling to work it out myself. I’m finding Lightroom great and still learning that…. but Photoshop overwhelms me. So the best way to combat that – is start a course, where they provide interaction and feedback 🙂

I’ve also ordered a professional logo – which I’m hoping will be ready soon.

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Happy with my progress at studio shots :)

I’ve been watching many YouTube videos on continuous lighting, because I don’t want to use a flash.

I think for little kids and babies in the future – it’s better to not use a flash.

Moved my lights around and changed my camera settings, and now I am getting more consistently sharp enough shots.

These are some I did of my husband and son, for Father’s Day.



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